Instructions for Printed Heat Transfer Vinyl:

• Transfer Tape Is required to transfer the design and make it ready to press. 

• The Vinyl should be printed side up, NOT MIRRORED PRINT AS IT IS.

 • As you peel it off, apply the transfer tape and make sure that the design is fully transferred on it. (Use a scraper for better transfer) 

• Peel off from the application tape so you should only have your design on the transfer tape, ready to transfer the design on the Material.

 This vinyl is great for use on cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends and spandex. Transfer Tape Sheet will be included in the price for each piece purchased. 

Transfer Tape allows you to transfer your cut design to your garment for easy pressing. 

NOTE: Transfer Tape can be reused 2-3 times.  

Shop For Printed Heat Transfer Vinyl In Florida

As an alternative to custom printing options, printed heat vinyl transfer (also known as heat transfer vinyl) can save you time and money. When you are preparing branded apparel, in some cases commissioning a custom design can mandate multiple revisions of a logo, slogan, or piece of art.

These prints often have repeatable patterns and tessellation in some cases, so that you can apply it with minimal arrangement necessary. Having a repeatable pattern will reduce the chances of printing mistakes or the necessity to correct them. In addition, some options are holiday-themed so that you can use them as part of a regular design schedule. Keep your heat pressing efficient while catering to multiple customers.

Printed Pattern HTV Options

All of our printed heat vinyl transfer paper is available on the Aviva Wholesale website. With wholesale prices, you can get good deals on specific options. Always check our shipping policies to see which times make the most sense for your business. Also, verify that your inkjet printer or cutter is compatible with our HTV.

Consider one classic pattern: tartan. Also known as plaid and originating in Europe, the tartan pattern has remained a fashion staple. Our Tartan HTV is in a neutral color palette, arranging light brown against black and white. It will give your apparel a classic look and a standby that you can retail regularly.

If your customers prefer bolder colors, consider a tie-dye print. Our Tie-Dye 1 is a full-color yellow, containing floral bursts of green and purple. While traditional tie-dye has asymmetry and unpredictability, we offer a consistent pattern with less mess than the namesake.

Tie-Dye 2 is another of our popular options. With bright purple, yellow, pink, and blue shades, you make a statement with a smaller print. Then you can craft an eye-catching wardrobe at an affordable price.

Invest In Printable HTV At Aviva Florida

Aviva Florida is a branch of Aviva Wholesale that delivers equipment for heat transfer printing and other design options to Sunshine State businesses. Our company builds international partnerships with suppliers so that our clients can receive the best quality materials for designing apparel.

To find out more about HTV options for your business, please reach out to us today. Aviva Florida will answer all of your questions about what material is suitable for your business, as well as the appropriate printers or cutters.